Home-made: (Adjective) especially cakes and jams, made at home or on the premises, especially of high quality ingredients.

Sweet lilyadams

We are a normal family - who is to say what is normal - working mum and dad with three gorgeous children Adam and Lily and now Rose hence the name.

I love to bake and I am good at it and thought what better way to spend my spare time than doing something I love.
I visited a lot of coffee shops when I was a new mum and found it hard to find something that was a special treat so together we decided to create our own and here we are.

Between us we have one drama degree and one business degree with a major in marketing and we decided to put all our talents academic, culinary and parenting skills to create the most amazing treat to take your fancy...

We hope you like them the cupcakes that is and email us if you have any questions. We work hard to make sure every little cake is made with bundles of love and attention so happy eating.

Sweet  treats in a lovely box just from £20.00 GBP a dozen.


All our cupcakes are sold by the dozen and hand made to order.